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Puffin: Egyptian Purrsian Needs Our Help!

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Puffin! Puffin Muffin or Puffy Luffy is what he is fondly called. Egyptian Purrsian boy, super cute, sits on his haunches! One and a half years old and happy with cat friends, is great with dogs as well, speaks Arabic and cat, took a crash course in English to prepare to live here.

He loves to drink from the faucet so a fountain would be his style.

Puffin is a fabulous eater, especially likes high quality canned food but now we are finding low carbs the way to go w/ his canned food.
One of our nicest kitties ever, by far!

Puffin was with us in foster for a while because he was sickly with diabetes and was skin and bones at measly 6lbs when he arrived. We were so happy when he went into spontaneous remission due to a healthy diet and became a healthy 15lber under our care.
Then it looked like he was being adopted by our pet sitter where he proved to be too bouncy of a boy for her sickly older cats.

When someone wanted a special needs cat, he seemed a good option as he required indefinite glucose monitoring. Puffin’s health has been rocky ever since–heart and dental problems. We are hoping his full mouth extraction resolves this purrmanently and he lives happily furever after as originally planned when we flew him from Cairo to NYC.

Puffin’s last vet bill was a whopping $883.53
It included:
Consultation- $170
Blood pressure reading- $ 32
EKG diagnostic- $158
Echocardiogram Comprehensive- $508
Atropine- $15

And it is not done yet. Puffin has to go for a specialty dental due to his heart rate issues.

Can we help out Puffin?