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  • Help Hailey No Tail

    Help Hailey No Tail

    This tiny mini cat is very young, only a year, and was living on the streets where food wasn't always available...hence why she is so tiny! Our 5lb Hailey just had a tail amputation due to a severe infection so now she's a man made Manx! and needs bandage changes …SPONSOR »
  • Foxi Foundation (Horse & Friends)!

    Foxi Foundation (Horse & Friends)!

    (WE NEED DONATIONS--please Share) Our 1st rescue horse Foxi went to a foster home (ZFF alumnus Lamb Chop Poodly) and has a new best friend Ben (horse)! We don't have to pay boarding fees but we need 300 per month to feed and medicate this magnificent show stopping National Cups …SPONSOR »