Our overall plan is to repurpose the buildings and property at 1060 Route 206 into an adoption center for cats and dogs. The large brick structure at the front of the property will contain all aspects of the canine adoption facility; the log cabin at the rear will house the feline adoption facility. The area behind the log cabin will serve as a home for semi feral cats from the local trap, neuter, release program (TNR), thereby alleviating the problem of extra cats in the neighborhood.

Most of our cats and dogs will be housed in local foster homes and brought to the AALNC for adoption events. In addition to these events, we will offer classes to local schools. In these sessions, we will focus on the basics of animal care, emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering animals.  We also plan to invite the community to hear expert presentations related to the environment and protecting our natural habitats. The community can also enjoy our read a book, watch a movie, yoga, birthdays & more with the puppies and kitties.

Community and Funding
We are planning our events to be free of charge. The Center, run by volunteers, will provide opportunities for high school and college students as well as others interested in animal care and/or the non-profit field. Our funding will come from private foundations and government grants as well as online and in-person donations at the Center.

In addition to those events, our plans include offering a host of other free services, for example: low-cost vetting of prospective pets; free pet food and supplies to people in need; puppy events to introduce children to the basics of pet care; working with seniors unable to have pets but want to spend time with them; and providing relief of overflow capacity to local shelters short of space.

We plan to follow all health and safety codes as well as attain all required permits.

We look forward to becoming a productive part of the Bordentown community.

Adoption Center Poster