Many people have been writing requesting pulls off the euthanasia list.

Please understand we cannot pull any cats or dogs without a foster or adoptive home. Anyone wanting to foster or adopt off the euth list must be absolutely committed before requesting the pull; we do not have any place for the cat or dog to go if the foster/adopter backs out!

Please do not be impulsive no matter how heartbreaking the list is especially in summer or vacation time. If there is a queen and her litter, the family must go home together; the same is true for young litters.

Unless you are already approved, you must fill out our online application.

Also, please read the FB link carefully to make sure this cat or dog is the right one for your home. Please include the FB link with your Cat Foster Application or Dog Foster Application, as we cannot possibly remember everyone on the euth list.

For euth pull requests, fosters must commit until adoption. Please make the request in the early evening hours–waiting until morning can very often be too late.