So much has happened in 2018!!!!

We rescued so many dogs and cats  we saved this year from kill shelters and disaster areas in the USA. We worked with rescue groups in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to bring dogs in need here to find them great families.
We saved dogs of all ages, from 5 months old puppies to 12 year old seniors.
We found homes for many special needs pets: Bi-Ped, Tripod, Abused, Burned, Blind, Deaf, Bonded-Pairs, One Eyed Dogs!

It has been an exciting year.

Many of our alumni have reached out to us with wonderful updates! Check them out!

If you have a Zani’s Alum – follow us on INSTA and tag your photos with #zanisalum or #zanisfurryfriends or post on our FB page! We LOVE seeing happy updates!


I adopted a sweetheart named Sparkles from you (now “Bowie”) about four years ago. Bowie is doing amazing, and is strong healthy and happy! She’s gained about 6 pounds since she settled in with me (she was on the lean side) and absolutely loves runs along the beach, walks to Randall’s Island Park, getting the attention of strangers and eating leafy greens! We just moved into a building with some private outdoor space so she’s loving that too! When you left her with me I was living solo in a studio apt up in East Harlem but now I’m sharing a place with my boyfriend and his two teenage kids part-time. Bowie LOVES them. She’s become a real pack dog and she’s the best thing that ever happened to us. Just wanted to share some happy news that your hard work has made this pup a happy girl, as well as myself, of course! Thank you for all that you do, and I will look for an opportunity in the near future when I won’t have to travel to possibly help with fostering if needed. Happy Holidays!


We want to thank you again for finding and fostering our beautiful new friend. Here are some photos of her in one of her favorite spots – monitoring the bird feeders from the kitchen door. She is a perfect fit for us!

Thank you and Happy New Year!



Django, (formerly Komona Egypt) having fun at the dog park in Pennsylvania.


Duncan formerly Drumstick from the local shelter 18m ago catching up and wishing ZFF a Merry Xmas–ho ho ho!


Simone, now Gertie is slimming down and wishing all of us and you a very Merry Xmas!


Just wanted to say happy holidays from Reba and to thank you for all the wonderful work you do! Reba is the queen of the castle and is adored by me and her dad and furry brother. We just got back from our first road trip to Florida and she was an angel. Thank you for letting her be a part of our lives


Merry holidays to everyone, cats, dogs, bunnies, horses! oh, and people too!:)



Happy New Year from our little family. Tao is doing fine! (picture below) Isn’t he funny? (adopted 2014!)


My Frankie ( Kitty Bitty ). He’s such a love!