No one could fail to recognize the fact that REX was special!  Fka Wyatt, he was our one and only biped rescue from Nepal.  Even from the low-rez pictures and videos we received from our rescue partners overseas, we could tell that his zest for life was something to behold.  The stars aligned for this dog and the most perfect adopters for him decided to adopt this very special dog. Today, Rex is a beloved family member and is truly living up to his name, after all, Rex does mean king.  You can follow Rex’s adventures on his instagram account @rex_lamaa READ ON for Rex’s HAPPY TAIL!

We’ve always dreamed of a having a companion dog but never seemed to find the right fit.

One night, my husband and I were browsing different shelter pages on social media. We saw many many beautiful and cute dogs, but no one spoke to us.

Later that night I decided to revisit who we saw.

I refreshed the page and saw an advertisement for Rex. My heart started to pound. I called my husband and showed him a video of this little two-legged guy with so much passion for life. At that moment we both knew – this is our pup.

We contacted Zani’s and put in our application the next day.   We (ZFF and us) endured many hardships with regards to his transportation to the US.  However, with the help and professionalism of Zani’s Furry Friends, we were able to bring Rex and another other dog to safety, where we and another family anxiously awaited their arrival.

Despite a 36 hour flight, Rex remained himself–very curious and calm. When we saw him at the airport, we fell in love all over again.  He was exactly what we hoped for and even more.

He is a fighter and survivor.  He gives us so much strength and inspiration to be better, stronger people for him and for ourselves. When people see us, most of them say:  Bless you for helping and taking care of a dog like Rex; but what goes through my mind is:  Bless Rex who helps us be who we are today.

It’s definitely more challenging to take care of a specially-abled dog, but you get used to it pretty fast.  Rex is a very smart but very stubborn guy.  He has a mind of his own and he solves challenges in his own unique way and we try to support and motivate him to do so.  It definitely takes more time to see results, but we don’t want to break his spirit. We believe this unwavering attitude is exactly what saved him back on the streets of a small village in Nepal.

It’s still unbelievable to me to know that this little two-legged puppy survived until he was 3 months of age on the streets alone!  Where was his mother? Who fed him? Who took care of him? Was he all alone?
Whatever it was, he fought every second for his little life and that alone is unbelievable.  Being a small guy, with only two legs and a scratched, wounded belly from dragging himself along the streets…but none of that stopped him from coming home.

He fought hard and now he has a good life and to make up for what he endured in the past.

We are extremely grateful to Zani’s Furry Friends and everyone who donated for Rex’s transit and his wheels–yes  he has a wheelie–watch him go!  You are remarkable human beings with huge hearts!  We think of your kindness every single day.  And send our love and endless gratitude.  Thank you so very much!

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