I finally was able to make out our to the beautiful Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side for a doggo adoption event! And I am so glad I did.
The dogs Zani’s has available for adoption right now are absolutely delightful! And to my very happy surprise, Place For Cats brought over a very charming pair of kittens.

Also, I FINALLY got to see Zani’s new van! It is just GORGEOUS! So exciting to be able to transport the doggies and kitties more comfortably and in style! We are still looking for donations to help us with the payments. DONATE TO OUR VAN

Now, without further adieu meet our amazing animals!!! If you are interested in one of these dogs, please fill out an adoption application

Diego, Tripod Puerto Rican Sato

Diego is a Sato from Puerto Rico where he lost his legs after he was run over by a car. Diego is a sweet boy, a little shy at first but a love bug once he gets to know you. He might have only three legs but you wouldn’t know him if you saw him running around.


Nala, Puerto Rican Sato

Our newest arrival from Puerto Rico is Nala. Nala has really beautiful eyes and a very distinctive speckled coloring. She loves being hugged and petted.


Chakir aka Chico, Egyptial Baladi

OK. So Chico is definitely my personal favorite of the bunch. He is super chill and oh so gentle and loving. He enjoys giving hugs and kisses and is just so great with kids!


Jenner, Manchester Mix

Jenner is a very sweet and energetic girl. She wants to run and play all the time. She’s very pretty and will be a great active partner for a lucky person!


Ziggy Stardust, Pitty Puppy

This just in, rescued from the ACC just this afternoon and not even up on Petfinder yet, Ziggy is a 6months old little pitty puppy who seems to love people and is an excellent kisser! Ziggy is an absolute joy to have around.


And our very special guests today from Place For Cats –

Kik and Wechat, the Playful Brother and Sister

Kik and Wechat are a brother and sister and are such fun cats it is unreal that no one has scooped them up yet! They are outgoing and playful and oh so good looking! Visit Place For Cats and apply for this bonded pair today!