Toth’s origin story is harrowing one yet heartwarming one.  Toth is a Baladi dog from the streets of Egypt where someone deliberately doused him with acid.  It was difficult to post pictures of Toth without a “Graphic Content” warning.  It had to be fate that Sara came across a video of him and couldn’t help but fall in love with his spirit.  She sponsored his travels and necessities from Egypt and then, once he arrived, gave him the medical attention he needed and the love he so desperately deserves.  Seeing him blossom into a happy, playful and such a beautiful boy really warms our hearts!  You can follow Toth’s adventures on instagram @brave_little_tother.  Read on for Toth’s HAPPY TAIL

I fell in love with Toth the first time I saw the pain in his eyes from the video of him on the streets with his burn scars still fresh. He was still so sweet, offering up his paw to anyone passing by. He looked so defeated and still so eager to be loved. I knew he was meant to be with us just from that video. I contacted Zani’s to check on his status and was told he was “pending an adopter.” Due to logistic difficulties in getting him here to the US, I offered to pay for his plane ticket, crate, and paperwork fees in preparation for a flight parent to bring him to us.  With a little luck and some extremely thoughtful, hardworking people, we were able to get him on the plane.

The first night we brought him home, he immediately claimed my favorite bedspread as his bed… it’s soft and stays cool so I know it felt amazing on his skin. He was already at home and knew it.. how could I say no? He immediately accepted us as his furever family.

He had mange, some parasites, and was pretty skinny. I know the shelter there did everything in their power to take care of him but he still needed a little TLC. His burn wounds had healed beautifully. Over the course of two months, his mange and parasites went away, he gained weight, and became a puppy again.

Even through his terrible experience in Egypt, he is the most loving and forgiving creature I have ever met. He loves his toys, belly rubs, playing with friends, digging in sand, and cuddling.

There are many pups here in the US that need our help. Unfortunately in Egypt (and elsewhere), they do not have the resources we have here and no laws whatsoever to protect them. I chose to adopt a baladi to help at least one dog and his rescuers trying to help these poor dogs subjected to such unimaginable cruelty on a daily basis.

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