Simone, now called Gertie, came to us from an elderly couple who could no longer care for her. She was extremely overweight. We lovingly called her “our seal.” She was so overweight it was not like a “Awww, a cute fat cat” but “OMG that can’t be good.” We were so lucky that Robin came along and fell in love with her. Gertie’s diet began in her foster home and continues in her wonderful furever home. In just a matter of a couple of short months, Gertie has slimmed down from a whopping 24 lbs to about 21lbs (at the time of writing this) and counting. She looks magnificent! Gertie lives with her mom in New York City. You can follow Gertie’s adventures via her instagram @girthiegertie. Read on for Gertie’s HAPPY TAIL.

As I type this, Girtie is currently using me as a back rest for her mid morning nap!

I first found Gertie by going to the APSCA cat adoption page and typing in Russian Blue. My roommate has some allergies to cats and the Russian Blue produces less of the protein that makes the allergies terrible. So, as I looked through the adoption page of Russian Blue cats available for adoption in NYC I saw that one of the cats was labeled as “extremely overweight.” Intrigued, I clicked on it and read her story. She seemed to be from a loving home that the couple became too elderly to take care of her and had just left food for her at all times. I’m sure they loved her because she is a happy eater, and the weight did not put itself on her!

After emailing my interest for Gertie, then she was called Simone, I met her at her foster mom’s apartment where her diet had begun. Walking in and seeing her girth for the first time was shocking! She has a normal sized cat head on this huge rectangular, gray body. Immediately I wanted her. Once the paperwork was done and we got home, she was very curious and wandered all around my apartment. She is one of the mot adaptable cats I’ve ever met, and I grew up with a lot of cats! Her laid back attitude does not affect the sass level, however.

Gertie has really settled into her new home and diet, she is getting more and more energetic but still really enjoys a good nap. Her face shows all emotion she feels and her mitten paws still pound on the floor as she waddles around. She also loves to use your leg or arm as a pillow if you sit next to her during her nap.

Her Instagram page lets her keep up with friends and family who are as intrigued by her as I first was, it is girthiegertie.

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