Help kitties travel to India

Help Saki and Javi Move To India With Their Family

Saki and Javi are beloved family cats. Their human, Farash, is looking for URGENT help.
Farash is moving to Bangalore, India at the end of September.

In 2013, a rule was put into affect that the person relocating to India must have been a resident of the US for at least to years, which unfortunately Farash was not.

We are looking for an animal lover traveling to from New York or surrounding area to Bangalore in late September or Early October of 2019, who would be willing to act as the owner/flight parent of Saki and Javi for boarding and pick up in India.

If you are able to help kepp this family together, please use the below form to contact us!

Farash writes about Saki and Javi–

Saki and Javi: it was love at first sight! The minute we had set eyes on them, we had fallen in love with them and more so as we spent time and got to know the really beautiful beings they were.

Saki – By far the most beautiful and the most affectionate little girl we have ever come across. A little shy as she is, but once she takes to you, be ready for some wild love! Loves her nap, food and fresh air. Responds to her name almost as a person would do!

Javi – A peculiarly beautiful little girl. Hugs and kisses? On her terms only! But has a character of her own- ready to play at all times and extremely friendly with everyone, that makes it easy for her to win hearts just like that.

If you or someone you know is traveling to Bangalore in Latr September or Early October and is willing to take two kitties with them to keep a family together, please contact us using the form below or emailing info [@]