A momentous day for the Zani crew today! All the pups were on their best behavior, looking gorgeous and being playful.
THREE – ONE WO THREE – of our doggos went to foster-to-adopt homes today! How great is that? We know some of this will most certainly end in foster failure because, how can it not?
Every one that meets Mac is absolutely enamored with him and yet, somehow, mysteriously Mac hasn’t had much action in the application department. Sigh.
Maddox and his foster dad came out, it’s so nice to see them!
And a Zani alum Trixie (formerly Faith) stopped over for a visit. WOW Does she look wonderful. Having a home has been good to her!


Age:  1 year

Size: Med/Large (60lbs)

Socialization: People/Dogs/Cats 

Mac, somehow, is still looking for his furever family. Everyone who meets him falls head over heels in love with him.

He is so funny and gentle and silly. He will hug, lean on you, kiss you and softly chew on your hands as he is getting to know you. Him being blind does not slow him down one bit. He can go anywhere and do anything. When we offered him a halo (device that blind dogs wear to not bump into things) he gave a hard pass and let us know that he’s cool.

Fill out an adoption application for Mac and come see him at ADOPTAPALOOZA at Union Square on Sunday (SEPT 15th)


Age:  6 years

Size: Large (70lbs)

Socialization: People/Dogs/Cats 

Maddox is one of our signature boroughbreds. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Brooklyn with the help of his wonderful foster dad.

Now Maddox is living it up and looking for his furever home at the same time. Hey, man’s gotta multitask, right?

Maddox is a sweet boy who loves to run and play. Maybe a little shy and dignified at first, once he settles in he is just such a mushy and floopy sweet guy. His big head is perfect for petting and his big ole snoot for booping. He’s also REALLY strong!

Fill out an adoption application for Maddox


Age:  1 year

Size: Medium

Socialization: People/Dogs

This handsome guy, a rescue from Puerto Rico, was one of the three lucky dogs that went to a foster to adopt home today. We know he is going to be on his best behavior and they just won’t be able to let him go!


Age:  1 year

Size: Med/Tall & Skinny (50lbs)

Socialization: People/Dogs

A rescue from Azerbaijan, Baku is very timid but oh so beautiful! His shyness did not stop him from going to a Foster to Adopt home this afternoon. We are hoping his foster dad can work with him to show him that things are not that scary and it’s gonna be alright. Good luck you handsome boy!


Age:  1 year

Size: Small/Medium

Socialization: People/Dogs

Spunky little Ross completes the trifecta of Foster to Adopt lucky pups! We are so glad for Ross who we just know will use his terrier charms to wiggle his way into the hearts of his foster family forever. I mean he is so cute!


Our special guest star today was Trixie (formerly known as Faith – check out her “before” pic!) That bikini body for Trixie is just around the corner. Having a home to call her own and a nice mom to take care of her, she looks SO GREAT! We are so proud of you little girl!

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