What a BIG day Zani’s Furry Friends had at ADOPTAPALOOZA!

A big thanks to Rock & Rawhide for hosting!

After just getting a new class of dogs, they flew off the shelves like hotcakes! All and all, FIVE of the seven dogs we had with us went to their new homes or foster to adopt homes! How tail waggin’ fantastic is that???

Our old friend Mac had a lot of visitors but SOMEHOW still remains with us. Our new arrival from Azerbaijan who just arrived yesterday, Bagira is also still here. No way this sweet girl is going to last, so fill out your Dog Adoption Application TODAY.

We also had very special guest stars Jasmino and Lido, our sweet sweet kittens! They got kinda hot so had to go in the van to cool off but We’re glad we got to see them!


Mac was certainly the star of the show…As he is at EVERY adoption event. Stealing hearts and loving up everyone he met. He even got to go on stage with the awesome folks from Rock & Rawhide and got to be the star of the show! Mac is such a SWEET SWEET boy. Make sure to fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION for him. You certainly will not regret it!


We were lucky enough to spend some time with this beautiful dog, who is just a dream. She is so sweet, gentle and lovable. With a wagging tail and kisses to spare, she is just an absolute princess! Great with people and other dogs, we have no doubt that she will make an amazing companion to someone very lucky. Fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION for Bagira today!

Lido & Jasmino

They two kitties are fun and energetic. They are not brothers but have bonded in the foster home so close that they can’t imagine life without each other. They are furry balls of purring and fun! Fill out a Kitty ADOPTION APPLICATION to adopt these two adorable and purrfect dudes.


This little bean got scooped up before the volunteers even had a chance to get to know him. And why not? He is a really cute tiny puppy!


Loba, our beautiful husky got a home to call her own. Be good, fluffy Loba!

Sunshine & Akira – ADOPTED!

Sunshine AND Akrira both went to a foster – to – adopt home together! We have a good feeling about you, Sunshine and Akira! You found such a fun family – looks like you’ll fit right in

Misha – ADOPTED!

Look at this handsome, what I am going to call “Miniature Wolfhoud”No wonder his new dad couldn’t wait to take him home! Be a good boy Misha!


Rosses new parents were so excited to take him home that is caused for some silly misunderstandings. After a good laugh, we could all not be any happier for this little guy! Happy tails to you buddy!



Where: Union Square Park, NYC
When: Sunday, September 15th 12-5PM

It is fun and exciting – everyone who is anyone is at this event.
It takes over the plaza in front of Union Square and it is a day filled with dogs, cats, various demonstrations, microchipping and pictures. You can even get your pets caricature drawn or your little’s face painted! How fun is that?!

We will be there, with all of our amazing dogs and CATS! YES CATS! available for adoption

Hosted by Rock & Rawhide

Adoptapalooza is New York’s Original Mega Pet Adoption Event featuring over 500 dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and rabbits available for adoption from over 40 rescues and shelters. Sponsored by Petco Foundation, Petco and BOBS from SKECHERS. Adoptapalooza will feature additions this year including new and exciting family activities, entertainment and more for both two and four legged ones!